Children’s summer pop up – Kids and Co!

A lovely children’s clothes shop has popped up on Blenheim Crescent – Kids and Co.

There are four independent designers displaying their wares inside the white painted shop,  which used to be an equally lovely traditional toy shop, Honeyjam.

Sad to see yet another local business go. But for the next few weeks  (until mid July) you have the chance to buy girls’ dresses, printed duvet sets and pretty party-ware from these four designers.

Rails of lovely smocked dresses and child sized chinos from Pepa & co hang opposite shelves of paper cups and plates covered with rockets and mini moons from Little Lulubel.

Emma from Em&Lu has a great range of fab prints adorning pyjamas, nightdresses, duvet covers and duffle bags. The prints reminded me of the clothes from Their Nibs, who once had a store on Kensington Park Road. (Another local business that couldn’t handle the exorbitant rents here I presume).

One bonus of this range from Em&Lu is that the boys pjs go up to size 11-12 and don’t stop at 8 or 10. So I picked up a pair with stylish bicycles all over – quite sophisticated and perfect for an older young boy. He loves them too!

Little Aurelia is also part of the quartet –  selling probiotic skincare.

These businesses are all online – but it’s definitely worth wandering in. I’ll be surprised if you come out empty handed ( I found the animal shaped bubble bottles  and candles especially tempting!).

The place to go if you have a kids party coming up!




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