Toy heaven – where your teddies and train-sets are rehomed

The Toy Project recycled toys sold for charity
If like me you are both amazed and appalled at the number of toys your children have accumulated over the years – but are loathe to bin them and cannot wait for summer to donate them to the school fair – then I have found the answer.

The Toy project charity that recycles toys and sells them to fundraise for vulnerable children

Jane Garfield, Co-founder, The Toy Project

I’ve come across a wonderful initiative called The Toy Project. This is a charity, based in Islington, entirely run by volunteers who will repackage your preloved toys and give them to children who need them or sell them on in their toyshop ( open Tuesdays to Saturdays). Somehow grouping together a handful of collectibles in a pretty box (recyclable of course ) makes them look desirable in a way they just don’t scattered across your kids’ bedroom floor or worse wedged inside the inner workings of your vacuum cleaner. They also run a great project called Loved Before where children write an information sheet about their teddy or bunny which is included with the gift.

The money raised from all of this all goes towards helping children. The Toy Project supports children in hospital, sending in face painters and providing other activities; and provides play therapy for bereaved children. They provide toys for dads in prison to give to their children; and for the children of mothers who have survived domestic violence. They support many schools, nurseries and play schemes including  vulnerable children including those from the nursery at Grenfell Tower.

The Toy ProjectAs well as recycling old toys, the project  also accepts donations and new toys to sell – or give direct to children in need ( actual children rather than the BBC fundraiser ).

I find my Lovelies are much more willing to give up their toys if they know where they are going ( usually to a friend or charity shop) and that they will be loved by another child. And the Toy Project certainly believes that getting involved helps children understand the importance of helping others – as well as recycling.

You can find out more about how to donate either as an individual or a business or as a group of friends or colleagues at thetoyproject

The toys donated do need to be on good condition – but not absolutely perfect !

Really –  what’s not to like?

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