Summer Reads for Children

Summer Reads Book Tour

The Summer Reads we haven’t read yet!

We were very excited to be invited to take part in the Summer Reads Book Tour – organised by HarperCollins and have been romping through the fantastic books we have been given.

Officially we are reviewing: ” Goodly and Grave in a Bad Case of Kidnap” rated 8 out or 10 by my 10 year old – and so here, without further ado, are his thoughts on the matter.

GOODLY AND GRAVE in a Bad Case of Kidnap,  by Justine Windsor Goodly and Grave

Reviewed by Alexander Austen, aged 10.

The book Goodly and Grave by Justine Windsor is a great tale about a young girl named Goodly, who is taken away from her parents by Lord Grave after a game of cards. She is taken to a magical place where she becomes friends with all the people living there. However, soon she discovers that something is not right. She is taken on a journey that changes her forever.

The main setting is a magical mansion. It is very cool because there are secrets everywhere. It reminds me of houses that we have visited like Syon House or Osterley Park, which are the the nearest big stately houses to where we live. They are very big and fancy and have very elaborate designs, like the magical mansion.

My personal favourite character is Lady Red, because she is very mysterious. She also makes a good entrance from the beginning. She has fiery eyes and is known to wear a red dress. She is also frightening. She is similar to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland in that she has a very short temper and wears red. All of the other characters including are also amazing, like spying elephants and talking birds. There are also two librarians that can go through magical fireplaces to a library that holds yet more secrets including a very special book.

This book keeps you guessing until the end and is impossible to put down! Great plot and a must-read for other kids who are around 10 years old like me!

Another book is going to be released and I am very excited to read the second story in the series!



Summer ReadsI haven’t read the book myself, but I can confirm that it was read cover to cover pretty fast and only put down for meals, school and sleep! Since then Alexander has read another three of the Summer Reads from HC and I have now insisted that he stop – as the Summer holidays haven’t even started yet! But if you are as keen as I am to get your child’s face out of a screen and into a book, then you will be thrilled to know that I have the 10 Summer Reads to give away to the first person who answers these questions correctly.

Many people have been celebrating the life of Michael Bond this week, the author of Paddington Bear. As Michael Bond was one of HC’s most popular children’s authors – and his latest titles one of these Summer Reads,  my questions are based on his life. The books will go to the first person who answers these questions correctly.

When was the first Paddington Bear book written?

How did Michael Bond get the idea of Paddington arriving at the station carrying a small suitcase, with a luggage label round his neck?

And finally name three books that Michael Bond wrote that were not based on Paddington Bear.

Please write your name in the comments section below to tell me that you have entered the competition. And email your answers to The closing date is August 1st at midnight. Thank you








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  1. Leila Benhamida says:

    Entered . Such a wonderful selection of books. If you could let me know if you received my email. Thank you.

  2. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I have emailed and entered the giveaway – Thank you.

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