Grenfell Tower

There are no words. And yet so many have been written.

Many friends of ours have lost friends, classmates and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them; all those that I have met in the last weeks, desperately searching for loved ones and some still hoping – against hope – and all of those men, women and children who have lost their lives.

What happened has been, and is, unbearable.

But it is true that the community, people in Notting Hill and North Kensington ( I consider it to be one and the same)  – from all backgrounds and walks of life –  have shown an incredible level of support and kindness to each other. And I believe that we are all determined in our own different ways to continue with that support wherever it is needed or wanted, and, whatever our politics, do everything in our power to ensure that this cannot happen again.

There will be prosecutions and an inquiry into how and why this fire spread so quickly and killed so many innocent people. And all those affected must be allowed to have their say. This has been promised and we as a community will continue to insist on this. Those of us not directly involved are still neighbours, colleagues and fellow parents on the school run of the people who are.  The donations, the fundraising, the numbers of volunteers all show how deeply people here care – and I am proud to be part of this warm-hearted community. Of course many from outside the area have also provided huge amounts of help.

The last thing we need now  though is people who do not live here, using this tragedy for their own ends, with little concern about the long term damage they are doing , trying to create division and turn people’s terrible grief and understandable anger into hatred.

Most people affected seem to want to continue to live in this community – and they will need our support in all kinds or ways for years to come and we will be here for them.

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