Halloween in Notting Hill 2012

Halloween Elgin Crescent

Another Happy Halloween spent on the streets around Elgin Crescent.  We live close by so it’s great to be able to wander over and enjoy the elaborate decorations of cobwebs, spiders and pumpkins adorning the porches. This is one of my favourite carvings from last night.

Parents wait on the pavements while the children go up the steps to the front doors – they don’t usually even have to knock as the families will sit on their porches with huge bowls of sweets for the kids to choose from. Halloween steps and porch Elgin Crescent, W11Sometimes you will get a healthy option like rice cakes or slices of fruit and this year one family were handing out luminous wristbands which went down a treat! Word has got around and it’s busier than it used to be. But I still love the atmosphere and recognising neighbours under their wigs and masks – and yes I do mean the grownups. There are some incredible outfits out there which makes it more fun for those of us who’ve grown out of fun sized chocolate bars. Halloween skeleton boyBut for the kids of course it is about collecting the candy, which is usually enough to keep them going for the whole of the next month. So once the candy Halloween out of sweets sign, Notting Hillruns out and the signs go up, the tealights are blown out and the revelry dies down for another year.

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3 Responses to Halloween in Notting Hill 2012

  1. That is a cool pumpkin. Looks like you were all in the Halloween spirit. I love the all run out sign! We had a great party at Coombe Mill too, just blogging all for my Country Kids linky on Saturday.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I love the way there are certain “rules” like if the house has a pumpkin with a candle lit on the steps or window sill then they are participating and it’s OK to trick or treat them. If not, you don’t knock – and you don’t need to as so many people do participate in these streets. Also when they run out of sweets , then it’s kind of rude to knock – I’ve yet to see anyone “trick” anyone else out of pique. And I have to say the people who get involved are usually extremely generous and supply a huge number of sweets

  3. Mummy Barrow says:

    Love these pics.

    If you came across a house giving out Brussel Sprouts that was Richard Curtis and Emma Freud :-) They ran out of treats.

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