Silent Sunday

m&m's, chocolates, Leicester Square

No words. This idea comes from   Mocha Beanie Mummy.

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10 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. OneDad3Girls says:

    That is my idea of heaven

  2. Interesting picture, what is it?

  3. Helen Neale says:

    Chocolate Salty Balls? Sorry, I had too…South Park infantile humour, its late you see..

  4. Wow, a child’s dream come true (and mine come to think of it!)

  5. Bibsey Mama says:

    Ha ha. Before I scrolled down I thought that I was looking at some weird shiny bobbly carpets in a showroom. I know. Lay off the booze and get my eyes tested, right?

  6. Mamamax says:

    Wowsers! Here in the US they have Jelly Beans in those sorts of dispensers in the supermarket! But M&Ms… now you’re talkin’!!!! Yum.

  7. wow thats impressive – where?!!!

  8. Oh yum! That pic is not helping as I sit here trying to avoid sugar and chocolate…I’m having flashes of laying under a spout and pouring them into my mouth. Great pic :)

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