Shouting for Tamsyn

Last week Babyhuddle launched their Do One Thing for Tamsyn campaign to raise awareness of Tamsyn Wood’s story : Tamsyn is a fellow blogger, married with four young children who had moved to France to fulfil a dream. Tamsyn was probably my first real blogging friend – I kept in touch by reading of the fun of living in France, when you are not quite bilingual and find some of their ways rather different. She was funny and fun and we planned to meet up in France when we were there on holiday, but it didn’t work out. There were too many miles between us in the end,  but I said never mind, next year. We’re always making trips. When we hooked up on Facebook she accidentally made me friends with her husband Alex (how could that happen, but it seemed typically carefree) so Alex and I very occasionally exchanged comments too.
Then everything changed.  Alex suffered a clot on the brain in a rugby accident, leaving him hospitalised for months and blind. There were many occasions when Tamsyn feared he would not survive and asked her friends to pray – and I asked some of my friends to pray and you did, thank you ,  so a far wider community became involved.
But this is not my story and you should really read it in Tamsyn’s own words here.  Alex was eventually stable enough to be brought back to the UK and of course Tamsyn and her children came too. But her problems were far from over, finding a place to live that was also accessible for Alex and getting money to live on has been incredibly difficult and this is where her friends in the blogging community have come together to try to help.
There are lots of different reasons why a person may find themselves having to rely upon benefits. Illness, job losses and accidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Tamsyn’s story is, unfortunately, one of many. We know that cuts need to be made, especially to those who do not need benefits as much as Tamsyn. But we want the Chancellor George Osborne to know this: By cutting benefits to those in dire need of them, the government is sending a very strong message- you are on your own. We want to tell the government that they are wrong. 

Tamsyn is not on her own. You are not on your own.  Governments now routinely ask “mummy bloggers” what’s important, they canvas our votes. Well listen up guys- it is not rocket science- families like Tamsyn’s need benefits- to which they are entitled- in order to survive. They are people whose lives have been turned upside down – they are not layabouts, or shirkers, they are you and me and us, to whom life has not been kind.

We’ve seen the power of social media when it is used for good and we know the difference that we can make.  Together, we are many voices. Many voices turn up the volume for the repressed and the lonely. Many voices empower the people who need to stand strong. Many voices can make a difference for people like Tamsyn.

Today we have been shouting for Tamsyn and we want you to join us. Share Tamsyn’s story. Sign and share the petition. Lend your voice and make changes happen.

It’s already started but it’s not too late 

When: Friday 12th October 2012, 8.30 pm
Where: Twitter:
What: #shouting4tamsyn
Why: to make changes happen

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