Saturday night in – or cocktails at Beaufort House?

Raspberry bellini, Beaufort House, Chelsea

You’d never have believed it before you had kids, but once you have them you spend many more Friday and Saturday nights “in” than you would ever have thought possible. And so now I barely notice what night of the week it is, or post 9pm that it’s the weekend at all. Although lest I should be confused, my OH thoughtfully keeps the volume up on  Match of the Day so I can hear the commentator getting over-excited in the background while OH sits facing the screen,  but with his eyes down on his ipad commenting on on-line articles on the FT . Should his loyalty to footie be questioned however, he does steadfastly refuse to let me flick over to my Skyplus recording of Downton Abbey.

So as I sit looking at property porn on the internet and wonder exactly how many miles out of London, or indeed the UK,  we will need to move to afford a fourth bedroom and become quite literally Not a Notting Hill Mum (because geographically I actually am at the moment), you can understand why my thoughts might turn to my last night of funBeaufort House - a night out ( Tuesday since you ask) when I was living it up at Beaufort House in Chelsea.

The owners of this brasserie and private members club on the corner of the Kings Road (and Beaufort Street) kindly invited me and some fellow bloggers over to take a look around and sample their wares – which we very much enjoyed doing.

On arrival we were offered some fabulous cocktails including their house specialities a Pear Mohito and a Raspberry Bellini – or some pink champagne. As the woman who went through two pregnancies refusing all alcohol – unless champagne was on offer – I announced that I would be sticking to Champagne as I didn’t want to mix my drinks. Beaufort House champagne bar A few glasses later I was not so resolute – and once I tasted the Pear Mohito it seemed rude not to have a whole one – and then as raspberries are my absolute passion ( equal with champagne) so it seemed silly not to have the raspberry bellini and so on.

Fortunately I went on the tour of the club and tasted the delicious canapes before moving from champagne to cocktails – which means I remember the experience more clearly that I do the journey home. And I can say the food is at least as good as the champagne. Beaufort House Canape selection

The brasserie is downstairs on the ground floor –  once The Dome, Beaufort House, Kings Road, Chelsea where I was taken as a teenager to drink citroen presse (my favourite tipple before I discovered Champagne) and I have it on good authority that it’s very kid friendly these days with colouring sheets and crayons and comfy banquettes. The private members club is on the floors above and is made up of members lounge , a private dining room and more private rooms on the top floor you can hire for meetings or conferences etc.

Beaufort House Members Lounge, Chelsea private clubMembership is £400 a year which compares well with other clubs. It’s in a great location for Chelsea and Battersea residents and could be useful for Notting Hill types waiting for The Electric House to reopen after the fire (currently scheduled for November!)

But you don’t have to be member to use the rooms for private parties, conferences or even weddings and it looks as though it would make a great alternative to a restaurant for a wedding breakfast. Beaufort House Kids party in club room Kings Road, Chelsea

If you’re past that stage they do lovely kids parties here  – and they have occasional screenings on Wednesdays aimed at parents and babies where for less than a tenner you get coffee on arrival and the chance to meet other parents, then there’s a film  (where your little one can play on the soft matting at your feet or sit on your lap and  no-one complains if they cry) and then you have lunch. The only extra you have to pay for is drinks. It almost makes me I wish I had a new baby. Almost!

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8 Responses to Saturday night in – or cocktails at Beaufort House?

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  3. Liz Burton says:

    Haha I only know it’s Saturday night because of MOTD too. Then he falls asleep on the sofa so I have to endure it on Sunday morning repeat…

    Enough of my dull life, was fab as ever to see you again. Loved, loved, loved my evening out there. x

  4. Katie Young says:

    i am super impressed with this incredible hidden eatery! i cannot wait to go back. and the staff seriously know how to spoil a customer!

  5. This place was lush and I’m still reeling from those cocktails. In fact I blame you for making me stay for one more and leaving poor Liz to lurch home alone, barefoot 😉

    Was fab to see you as always, must catch up more often. My review will be up soon too x

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