Mother’s Day in Notting Hill – free flowers and puppets!

If you are looking for a cheap and yet meaningful way to celebrate Mother’s Day take a look at what is going on in your local church. At St John’s Notting Hill ( perched on the top of the hill on Ladbroke Grove)  there is a lovely tradition where the children hand out bunches of daffodils – not only to the mothers in the congregation – but to everyone there. The children love the responsibility and being thanked . The older members of the congregation enjoy the interaction with the kids- I hope! And who doesn’t like a free bunch of flowers?  There’s no sex discrimination either – men are given them as well as women. This year there is also a free puppet show for the children and some will be reading out prayers they have written.

St Mary Abbot’s at the junction of Kensington Church Street does a similar thing with flower giving and a blessing as part of a family eucharist. And St Peter’s on Kensington Park Road.

The service at St John’s starts at 10.30am- at St Mary Abbot’s it’s 9.30am.

If you are wondering about lunch and haven’t booked a table yet we will be heading to The Terrace in Holland Street like last year.

It’s a small, intimate restaurant with huge windows so it’s very light, comfortable with a long cushion covered window seat – and if it’s warm enough you can sit outside on that terrace.  The owners Maga and Nadene Ayacouty ( the chef) are wonderful hosts and it’s just a great place to chill out.

And one more suggestion – no matter where you live! If you want something pink and sparkly to drink on Mother’s Day,  give Millione Vino Frizzante Rose a go. Think I’m promoting some drinks manufacturer? Well actually, no. The Millione Foundation is a non for profit organisation and  £1 from every bottle goes to build schools in Sierra Leone.  What a fantastic way to celebrate Mother’s Day – by helping children get educated!

I heard about this initiative via Action Aid – it’s a fantastic cause and you get to drink pink bubbly while you support it. Please do spread the word! Happy Mother’s Day!


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3 Responses to Mother’s Day in Notting Hill – free flowers and puppets!

  1. Jessica says:

    Some great suggestions! It’s the simple, thoughtful gifts that are the most meaningful.

  2. What a sweet gesture, handing out the flowers. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Very thoughtful indeed.

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