Coffee in Kensington

Blance cafe, Kensington


Found a great new place for breakfast or coffee and cakes in Kensington. Of course there’s already Starbucks and Cafe Nero – or Patisserie Valerie for the slightly more discerning or if the eating part of the meal is just important as the coffee part.

But yesterday a friend who is also the patron of The Terrace in Holland Street, so knows these things, took me to “Blanche” a very stylish cafe on Kensington Church Street, right opposite the Catholic Church.

The window was full of tempting cakes and macaroons, although there are also savoury things to eat among with the usual array of coffees, hot chocolates and various types of tea.

What makes this place a little unusual is that as well as a few tables inside and out – easily accessible of you have a pushchair, there is a mezzanine floor, so you can tuck yourself away upstairs. Perfect for a first date, a final date, a ¬†girly chat or crying on your best friend’s shoulder – after the final date perhaps.

All I mean is it’s discreet and the seats are rather comfy and did I mention the cakes….

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  1. Emily O says:

    This is what I miss about London, once you move out to the ‘provinces’ you just get the bland chains and very few independent places. But London is a day trip for us so it’s good to get an idea of where you can drop into!

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