These Moments

Two family birthdays marking very different milestones. This is  a slight variation on SJ’s concept of This Moment – which allows no words – but these cakes sum up last weekend. I did the Smartie wisteria by the way – it’s as close as I get to baking!

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15 Responses to These Moments

  1. Roy Durham says:

    don’t eat birthday cake it make you old. thank you and god bless

  2. SJ says:

    This made me all nostaligic I had the same thing with a grandparent and a child in my family. Sadly my grandfather passed away but this was a great memory take back for me.

    PS they look totally fabulous cakes. I haven’t got round to my moment but fingers crossed I will later.

  3. Savira Gupta says:

    Cake and the numbers on each of them….. One beginning to make stories and the other has many to tell

  4. Laura says:

    I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at those cakes! There goes my diet!!!
    Here is my moment:

  5. Yummy : )

  6. They’re fabulous!
    I hope you don’t mind but I have tagged you in the Save The Children this is me, this is my future meme which is doing the rounds. Have a look at my post on it for details

  7. wow! 96, that is fantastic

  8. Larry Lewis says:

    Today i feel like i’m 96, oh to be 6. At least i’d get the Union Jack. Rule Brittania. Now give me a slice, it’s Friday, no healthy living day for me

  9. WOW! Both look good enough to eat right off the screen! Hope you are enjoying the cake(s) and if you have any left over, you are welcome to send me some :)

  10. I can take no credit – My sister in law is responsible for the fairy castle and Great Great Uncle Jack’s case was organised by our cousins – but I did try both – and they were very yummy x

  11. Looks like a lot of celebrating going on! Did they have birthdays on the same day?

    My moment:

  12. Jewell says:

    How much fun! And they both look sooooo good!! Hope the birthdays were happy, and full of love and laughter for both.

    Here’s my moment….

  13. tbaoo says:

    what a tremendous reminder of how we get through the world .. hope the days were great and the cake was yummy .. 😉 more imagery from the uk here -–-5/

  14. Brenda says:

    I think you captured ‘the moment’ perfectly here… a reminder of time and how fluid a life is..

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