Award winning Indie film has extended run in West End

There’s no getting away from it. This award-winning film is a love story.  And at first glance, it may not be your rom-com hating husband’s first choice for a night out at the movies. But this is not a rom com – it is a beautifully filmed  love story with a twist and if you have a sentimental bone in your body, I don’t think you will fail to be moved by the story.

A large part of “Forget Me Not” is shot on the streets of London and if you love this city it’s a great way of seeing it through someone else’s eyes and from another angle. Actually if you don’t love London – and think it’s dirty and noisy – it’s a very enjoyable way of being converted.

“Forget Me Not” takes place over less than 24 hours and follows the developing relationship between guitarist, Will Fletcher (Tobias Menzies) and Eve Fisher (Genevieve O’Reilly), a woman who works in the local bar where Will is playing. She has spotted him. He, despite her obvious attractions, has apparently failed to notice her.

But then Will has his own preoccupations and we know from early on, he feels he has little to live for. What we don’t know is why. The obviously romantic nature of the story is prevented from becoming saccharine by a recurring sense that there may not be a happy ending.

The pair become involved after Will saves Eve from being attacked by a drunken customer after the bar closes. One thing leads to another, he walks her to the tube, the tube’s closed, so he walks her to the party and before you know where you are they have spent the night together. Though not in the way you might expect.

But in the morning real life intrudes once more. We learn Eve has her own problems but is Will ever going to admit to his?

Menzies and O’ Reilly are very convincing as a couple taking their first hesitant steps towards a relationship and Gemma Jones gives a great performance as Eve’s grandmother.

“Forget me Not” is showing nightly at the Empire Leicester Square from tomorrow (Friday, May 20th) until Thursday May 26th at 8.30pm.

It’s well worth seeing and that’s not just my opinion. It won best UK film at the London Independent Film Festival and Best of the Fest at Palm Beach Film festival among others.  And anyway I think it’s always worth supporting small, independent films.  The fact that this was put together by two first time directors, Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig, makes it even more impressive. It was produced by Rebecca Long.
For more information about the film, the cast and more lovely shots of London go to

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review, nor given a free ticket, it’s simply something that I think you , dear reader, will enjoy!



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6 Responses to Award winning Indie film has extended run in West End

  1. SJ says:

    I so want to see this and reading this makes me want to see it all the more :)

  2. Jackie says:

    It does seem interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    Jackie @

  3. If you like the sound of it, or get to see it, please do repost on facebook or twitter – it deserves to do well and having worked on a small indie film I know how hard it is to get the word out without the money for billboards!

  4. Kasia says:

    I think you really captured what the film is all about. There’s more depth to it than a traditional ‘rom-com’, it surprised you. Also the music soundtrack was great. It featured some beautiful songs.

  5. The run has been extended for another week so there’s still a chance to see this gorgeous film at the Empire Leicester Square

  6. This is a truly captivating film. Some of the critics didn’t like it, but they may have brought jaded eyes to the party. It has a depth to it that may not be obvious to everyone. It is also quite real and quite heartwarming. I could watch it again. It is free to Amazon Prime subscribers. It is worth watching.

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