Free flowers and puppets for Mother’s Day

If you haven’t made plans for Mothering Sunday ( tomorrow) and you are in the Notting Hill area many of the churches will be giving out daffodils to the mums in the congregation as part of the service. I know St John’s on the top of Ladbroke Grove ( 10.30am start) , St Peter’s on Kensington Park Road and St Mary Abbot’s on Kensington Church Street ( 9.30am) will all be doing this.

At St John’s the children go to the front to collect a bunch of daffodils to give to their mums, they then go back for more flowers and give them to everyone else in the congregation. We go every yea,r as I really like the fact that no-one is excluded and it’s lovely to see the children handing the flowers to older members of the congregation who may not have their families with them.

This year there will also be a puppet show with silhouette puppets made by one of the congregation who is a professional puppeteer.

The service starts at 10.30 and is over by about 11.30/12 by the time you have had coffee and biscuits afterwards – so there’s still plenty of time to go out for lunch.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

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